smp3 - 6708 - Open Villager Trading / Woodcutting Service

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  1. Hi Everyone, it's Herobrine2Nether with a woodcutting service being provided by BStud and I.

    To order trees cut please PM me only as BStud does not check the forums. Please follow the following format:

    I would like #of trees cut, on SMP #, res #
    # of huge (2x2 such as dark oak) 90r each
    # of large (large oak/acacia) 50r each
    # of regular (4-5 tall wood on oak) 20r each


    I would like 10 trees cut on SMP 3, res 6708
    2 Huge;
    1 Large;
    and 7 Regular.
  2. Also: list the total price of sevices. And I have Open villiger services avalible.