Smp3 - 6493 - Building materials, ores, and tools/armor here!

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  1. Hello there and if you are reading this you are already on your way to getting great items at great prices! I sell everything from stone, wood, glass, Diamonds (i try to keep these as stocked as possible), iron, gold, Armor, tools, and more! Me and Nightmare32808 work to keep the shop in stock and if something runs low just let me or him know and we will try to restock that item. Not to get too off topic, but we also have a fun slot machine that can be played to win different items (i switch them up) like diamonds, armor, tools, and more to come! Thank you for your time in reading this and i hope you choose my store. If you have any questions concerning my store or believe one of my items is a bit to pricey please let me know and i may change it (if reasonable)!
  2. I am currently in the process of creating a huge skyscraper/hotel which has required alot of time and effort to remove the massive amount of dirt on my property. I have not been able to completely keep my shop stockedd, and i promise to keep up with that once i am done building my building. I will also have rooms for rent in my hotel for when i am finished. i hope to rent them out for very cheap (depending on the size of the room) for maybe 5R-20R Per Earth day. If anybody would be interested in helping me in my dirt removing process let me know (or if you would like to stay in my hotel once it is finished)
    -Thank you for your patience if you have been to my store and seen a lot of un stocked items!