SMP3 - 6048 - TheLoneXFactor's Buy & Sell + Free Max LVL Enchant Table

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  1. I Buy & Sell:
    - Almost every type of construction block Natural & Crafted, most in both Full & Half stacks.
    - Wool (all colors)
    - All Ores Raw and Smelted
    - Dyes (More Shops on the way)
    - Every type of food item and ingredient
    - Every plant Block or Seed.
    - Potions and Ingredients

    - Loot/Item shop is under construction on Floor 3
    - Ad space available, advertise your specialty shop (ie enchanted items, potions, etc.) at one of the most visited shops on the server.

    - Seeking Suppliers - Get paid by selling me items, regulars get free on-site storage.
    - Soon I will have Private Storage Units for rent. Ask Me How to rent one!

    Free Public Wool Farm!
    Free Enchantment Table (Max LVL 25 or 50)
    Free Brewing Stand & Cauldron (On-site Water Refills for 1r)
    Free Workbenches and Furnaces

    If I don't have a shop for an Item you want to buy or sell just let me know and I will add it.
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  2. Wool now Available! Buy AND Sell! Better prices than "the other guy"
  3. Who is this other guy and whats his lot#?!
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  4. Music Discs On Sale Now - While Supplies Last
  5. Free Wool farm and additional potion types added.