SMP2's New Spleef Tower!

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  1. My Spleef Tower is basically done!
    SMP2 3842

    whats the spleef tower redwing? Im glad you asked random voice! As some of you know, I LOVE Spleef! Its the closest thing to pvp (sorta) on here thats allowed. So one day I got the idea of Multiple level Spleef! Where you start on a certain level of height on the tower and each time you win a round you get a point! But then I thought, Hey! Why not just make a giant tower for it? Ding ding ding my brain has a winner! And so I got building! After 2 days of work, Jennypoo10, luketseng and I had the first multi-level match on my tower! 6 rounds of spleef! We ended up having a score of 2-2-2 (lol) but it was so awesome! That day it marked the creation of the Spleef Tower! Here are some details:

    • Rainbow colors of wool on each floor except the ground level

    • 7 floors total making underground halls atm

    • Above my spleef tower are my Sky Islands

    • I have a white wool farm accessible via the islands public usage

    • Going to have practice dojos for teamplay (soon coming out)

    • We give stone shovels for those without shovels
    Come on and check it out! We would love to have you spleef with us!

  2. So how does the spleef work? Rules? And you are giving build perms to spleef players right?
    1. So the 1st floor above ground level is just single layer spleef but the multi layer spleef its just fast rounds after rounds without repairing until the end.
    2. Basically adds on to 3 I give perms for however many matches the person wants to play, but when they leave, I right then, take their build perms off unless it was just a glitch and they were back within 1 minute. Details on other stuff will be explained at the tower if mentioned.
    3. Yes. See 2 for more details.