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    S.S.R.Corperation Proudly presents......
    Sunday Races at 3385 on SMP2

    Our Inaugural Race will begin today Aug. 16th at 3:30 PM EMC time.
    due to the high expected number of people coming out, there will be multiple tiers with 7 riders in each tier.

    The Grand Prize for the 1st place winner will be 10,000r
    2nd place will win 5,000r
    3rd place will win 1,000r

    Betting has been approved and will be conducted for this race.

    -Foreward- The SMP2 Racetrack will be a public fixture and SSRC will allow other EMC members to use the facilities for their own events if they see fit.

    In the future we will hold special races to include all members of the community. For example, a horse race with no horse of speeds above 120, or Races that require your horse to be 130+ in speed.
    (note there are no Restrictions on speed this first race so bring your fastest!)
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  2. Cant wait for today's race! glad to see the res come along! :)
  3. Cant wait!:)
  4. NEW RACE THIS SUNDAY! 8/23/2015
    3385 Grand prize of 10k for the first place winner!
    Special race will be held afterwards. This second race will only be for horses with speeds no more than 120- Prizes for that round will be 7.5k for the winner!
  5. Can't wait to win agian
  6. Awesome! Good to see another horse race event again. :) :D
  7. I'm ready for this
  8. What time is the race?
  9. This is every sunday? Heck i'll be there!
  10. Well I'm bringing a 135 so good luck to yall
  11. How was the race?