SMP2HQ Ideas?

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  1. So I'm creating a skyscraper with 20 floors at 3742 on smp2. It's called "SMP2HQ" - HQ as in "Headquarters." So far I have partially completed the 1st-4th floors, and have not done anything yet with the 5th-20th floors. Currently I'm focusing on the 4th floor (Brew4U Potions). Here are the planned floors (subject to change):
    1. Lobby - public utilities, news, telepad center, etc.
    2. Archery/Enchanted Bow Shop
    3. Pallet Town/Route 1 Replica
    4. Brew4U Potions (relocated from 4062)
    5. 1.4 Update Center (1.4)
    6. Pig Racing (1.4)
    7. The Groovy Creeper Party Floor
    8. Holiday Center (changes with the seasons)
    9. The Cube Theatre and Studios
    10. Book Center
    11. Pixel Art Gallery (1.4)
    12. Office Space Rentals - maybe
    13. Parkour
    14. Business Center/Chamber of Commerce
    15. The Museum of Stuff and Junk
    16. Services offered by supereskimo
    17. Undecided
    18. Undecided
    19. Uber-Fancy Penthouse Rental (Whole floor = 1 room)
    20. Eskimo's Beach Paradise - fishing, boating, swimming (roof)

    As you can see, there are now only 2 unused floors, which I plan to use for something special, or to allow space for unforseen changes or good ideas. Thanks for your input, and I'll do my best to make SMP2HQ the best residence on smp2!
  2. Hmm... How about a minecart roller coaster?
  3. Public item farms, some sort of fun game to play like slots, a whole floor for afking :)p), a villager trading centre, possibly more hotel rooms, stuff like that
  4. My build is almost finished, feel free to take some interior ideas from that. :)
  5. Thanks for the comments, and I assume you mean one of your res's, Alex?
  6. Okay guys, I changed the floor plan a bit, and now have only 2 empty spaces, which I will figure out later. Thanks for commenting. In the future, I might have a contest to see who has the best original idea for a floor, and let the winner do that floor themselves. But for now, I need to focus on the other remaining floors. Wish me luck! And if you have a question or comment about what a floor is for, that's why this thread still exists!