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  1. Recently, i have gotten bored of my res, and decided to make something new. I think that EMC needs a zoo, and that's what i'm making, but i defiantly don't have the resources i need. I need your help to make the zoo, and here's what i need...

    - Spawn eggs of ANY kind
    - Brick Slabs
    - Iron Bars
    - Rupees (of course!)
    - Snow
    - Bricks

    I will take donations of any sizes, and any donators will get their names put on a wall when the zoo is finished. I will set up donation chests in my res, and will get started on this project right away.

    My res is 3608 on smp2... Feel free to come and visit any time!

    SawyerT - a lot of bricks, iron bars
    hayleycolgan - 4k rupees and some bonemeal
    iCurtis 23 - a lot of bonemeal
    Dragonorb18 - a lot of spawn eggs, bonemeal, bricks
    SecretAznEks - spawn eggs
    mtp1997 - mycelium
    AzRicer - spawn eggs
    XDjzz - snow, iron bars
    Quiller - spawn eggs
    J_A_D_E_1_6 - i forgot what D=
    DirkAction - spawn eggs
  2. Interesting.:)
  3. Tanner i can try to get you some Eggs, im at 3808

    Also have some jungle stuff... ill find you tonight :)
  4. I'll donate 4k for a start, and some bonemeal :p Good luck. I'm looking forward to the finished project
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  5. DAY 1 -
    - Surrounded res in iron bar/brick wall... four entrances, one on each side of res.
    - Set up main paths in res.
    - Set up "outline" of six exhibits.
    - Made fountain in middle of res.

    Altogether great progress! Hope to get more done tomorrow!
  6. I can donate whole buncha bonemeal and I will
  7. I can supply plenty of jungle wood and leaves and many saplings of several varieties.
  8. I can supply Brandop123 for a exhibit.
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  9. So thaats what all those bricks you bought were for. I have loads of spawn eggs at 3043 and if you buy them I can give you a full refund when I get on later. Good luck to the zoo!!
  10. Was it you that donated the logs last night?
  11. I bought some eggs from you, check your history.
  12. No, I haven't donated anything yet, I was unable to log on last night due to spotty wifi connection.
  13. Alright, thanks, just somebody donated jungle wood and idk who...
  14. Tanner, I'm out to the Wilderness to find you some stuff. I'll be back in 390 Minecraft Days.
  15. Who donated the jungle trees, and the saplings?
  16. OK, so you need how many sheep? I have 59 eggs from FAAAR away in the Wilderness.
  17. I know i don't need 59 eggs.... if i were you, i would probably give me a portion, like... 1/4 of the eggs maybe? You can sell the rest =P