SMP2 Tree Zone

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Should I make another one of these?

Yes! I think this would be great on <insert player's server here>! 17 vote(s) 77.3%
Nah man i think we could make our own trees. 5 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. On SMP2, outside the east gate, i am making a large dirt square where people can grow trees easily without running far out :). This is mostly for people who have no space on their res or people that dont want to grow trees on their res ;).

    People helping as of 6/2:
  2. We should make one on all the servers. Start with smp1 and so on after we finish smp2
  3. This is a great idea just sad that it will be griefed. ):
  4. Lol it's kinda funny that people would grief dirt squares. :confused:
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  5. Yes well if i make one on every server then they will be griefed. SMP2's is the only one im going to moniter regularly
  6. Only because it serves a purpose.
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  7. How big are you going to make it?
  8. I know. :p
  9. It is just outside east gate and it extends to the shoreline of the ocean
  10. just gimme some tnt!
  11. Don't be like that! Believe that it won't!
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  12. Nice idea i might use it soon! (if it aint griefed)
  13. You can just go out in the wild and chop trees. There are some naturally spawned bioms with TONS of trees.
  14. If you make one on SMP6, I can monitor it.
  15. Ok, The reason I asked; is because I may make it for smp4... If I get a chance. I may insist the help of a friend so I don't have to do it alone.
  16. do one on smp9 i will wach it (and put random coal)
  17. Nearly finished with smp4's "Tree Zone" I am not going to advertise it anywhere, but it is near one of the outposts- You can see it from protected Spawn. It is total 100x100 Blocks with 4 sections of all 4 types of wood. Everything but Jungle is completely full and grown. Jungle is halfway there. I hope people use it to its full potential- otherwise I will lol.
    Shoutout to quite_indeed who helped me build a lot of it, and provided almost all of the torches

  18. So, I went to the wild to see how SMP2 Zone was (I saw when they were building and also helped a bit). I got mad, cause all the trees were gone (Even the leaves!!!!) People didn't replant a single tree and they also stole the Jack'o'Lanterns. This is just a shame. :(
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  19. OFF TOPIC: ur sig is backwars its 95% would scream not 5%

  20. Moderators didn't do anything about it so I'll post it here.