Smp2 storage needed

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SillyWhiteMage, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I'm planning on starting to play again soon, also moving to smp2. I was wondering if any of the kind and generous active forum people that live on that server could setup some chests for me on their res so I can move stuff over. Also suggestions of who I should try to get a plot near.
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  2. how many do you need
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  3. Just a few double chests really, and I'll give you some rupees for helping me out.
  4. I have an empty slot available to claim another plot, if you still need someone.
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  5. I wouldn't want one to claim a lot just for me to use a couple of chests.
  6. you have 8 double chests set up on the south side of the brown floor
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  7. I've got no use for it. :p
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  8. Thank you a lot.
  9. It appears I'm too late. Well, if you ever need more storage, let me know :)