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  1. I don't know if this is happening on the other servers (as I'm not on them as much) but the standards on SMP2 are dropping. Rule breaking (ie. caps) is at an all-time high it seems, and no one wants to listen when they're told to stop. I don't know if we need a mod on there more often or what it is, but the rule breaking, chat spamming etc is just annoying. This is just my opinion, and I wanted to hear others thoughts.
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  2. I try to keep an eye on all servers. And in fact, have been a little bit stricter on the enforceing of most rules. But smp2 does wind up neglected. Its not that i dont try to. Its just that the newer servers usually have larger problems... but again, if it is problem enough to call attention i will start paying closer mind to SMP2, becuause to many small rules broken, can equal a big problem.
  3. Thanks iSMOOCH. Saw you just pop in and kick someone :) Keep up the good work.
  4. I considered doing that, but I quite often have people talking to me. I just wish people would learn to use local chat sometimes. It gets annoying seeing games or whatever going on all the time, but too much of a task to ignore all those players.
  5. games should be done in local chat. It just looks like some of discipline has stepped around SMP2... guess i just found a new favorite server..
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  6. I agree, Smp2 is in very much neglect alot of the time. I fear spam, swearing ect. So I don't even use my lot any more, was going to relocate it to a different server, but SMP2 is my home-server and I love it. :S I have made threads about this topic in the past and mod activity on smp2 rises for a bit, then people stop, mods goes else-where, people start breaking rules again, Its not the mods fault, but some like to stay on their home-servers, which is great, I love my home server and I know Mods do to, But alas, only 1 mod I know were ever originally from smp2, But even he has moved else-where. ): I don't think its a mod problem, as the server being the server, alot of people on smp2 is from the huge player boom in early November that I was actually part of, When I joined, no neighbours for 10 lots in any direction. As time went on Rule breakers and other people who joined in that surge of players, who didn't need to register on the website, joined. This brought alot of nice players and people, but alot of bad ones as well, a relatively new MC server, they figured it would be easy to grief, and now, they still do come back, and since they don't really ever use the site (assuming) they only know about SMP2 (or 1 since for a 2 there is always a 1) They only stay on smp2. I think is why most griefing's and killing's and spam, and rule-breaking occurs on smp2.
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