SMP2 - Redstone Clock

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  1. SMP2 Spawn - Now has it's very own redstone clock and clock texture.

    How do I get here?
    Type /smp2
    Then type /spawn or /v 3008 or /v +clock

    How do I use?
    At least 'one' person needs to stand on or near the residence for the clock to work.
    To turn it on or off - Ask someone from this list:

    You may ask anyone in this list, but please don't spam them:

    Senior Staff
    -If you'd like to be on this list, I just need to trust you won't abuse the on/off switch-

    What each button does:
    Far Right: Adds 1 Minute to the Display
    Middle Right: Adds 10 Minutes to the Display
    Middle Left: Adds 1 hour to the Display
    Far Left: Toggles the AM/PM Indicator on the Display

    Designers: eklektoi | WCG_Elite
    Builders: eklektoi | WCG_Elite | ItsMeMatheus | BailiB
    Suppliers: WCG_Elite | ItsMeMatheus | BailiB
    Others: RainbowChin for World Editing
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  2. * This clock was only on display at 3008 for 2 1/2 weeks ... it has now been removed *

    Reasons: Chunk always had to be loaded | Thought that detoured on keeping time.
    Reasons: I'll build something that doesn't need to stay loaded now :)