Smp2 Noteblock Orchestra

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  1. On smp2, I have the idea of creating a noteblock orchestra. This will be very expensive to make, though so if anyone would donate, I would greatly appreciate it. For those who donate, admission will always be free. People who don't donate will pay the normal addmission price: 20r
  2. If you have a suggestion for the music that will be held in the noteblock orchestra, please reply to this thread and tell me what song you want and the composer of the music
  3. I need donations for the noteblock orchestra i will build.
    Also, i need suggestions for music the orchestra should play.
  4. It won't be that expensive... Note blocks are just redstone and wood...
  5. ok, but i still need suggestions for music to play
  6. Just a forewarning, Noteblock arrangements, due to the lags that come with servers, work very poorly on servers vs. singleplayer. Not saying it can not work. Just may not work well.
  7. I'd also like to warn you anyone can change noteblocks.
  8. So keep it behind glass.
  9. i have some noteblock songs at 3015 (first is finished, but last bars need tuned) doesn't lag that bad ... occasionally there will be some delays but the rest of the song runs smoothly ... Aikar said with tick 3 - is the lag issue - for it's caused by the redstone itself and water ...

    as for the cost - for 2 doublechests of noteblocks a doublechest of redstone .... a few stacks of repeaters ... and then the locking mechanism - only cost about 30-40 thousand rupees