Smp2 New hotel

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  1. Notice that this hotel is still under construction,don't complain about too few room or something.

    Cost:Starting from 5 r/night

    2012-02-27_15.51.53.png 2012-02-27_15.53.07.png
  2. I think the donators would prefer to be listed in the actual forum?
  3. Is my hotel too small,or too expensive?
  4. Definitely not too expensive.
  5. Are there any improvements do I have to make?
  6. Well you could make more rooms but I hate making hotels because I think that they are a waste of money. and that people don't really want to buy incase you steal their stuff, no offense.
  7. I agree and disagree. Hotels aren't generally successful for getting back your rupees, but they give you the opportunity to build something and regain a little ground. That being said, when I'm looking to rent a hotel, the nicer / more spent on it, the safer it feels. I'm not going to store a stack of diamonds in a cheap hotel, but if I see they have spent much more than that on the hotel, I'll probably be more willing to.
  8. Ok,that means I have to make a a bit more expensive and I would like to add a few more rooms,and a good res no like mine are good for shops and hotels