smp2- nether outpost

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  1. I decided to make a nether outpost on smp2. Here is a list of our current members.
    We have not made a camp yet but I will post pictures as soon as we do.
    If you would like to join post here saying you would like to.
  2. May I join?
  3. Sure! I was just waiting for someone to join, I forgot to bump it :p
    Any preference for server?
  4. not really, depends on distance from spawn and how hard/difficult it is to get their
  5. All right-
    Updated list of current members:
    We will set out soon.
  6. Sounds awesome! May I join? :)
  7. Both accepted- ill start a conversation tomorrow.
  8. Yo Jacob, can i join.
    Im an excellent builder and survivalist for the vast nether. :D
  9. May I join?
  10. Welcome both! :D any server preference?
  11. What?

    I say keep it on smp2.
  12. All right.
  13. where is this mystery outpost xD
    I'm a member and i still dont know xD
  14. We haven't started building yet. I was waiting to see if any people would actually sign up.
  15. well jacob. it looks like people are signing up, so lets start asap
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  16. M'k
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  17. Ill join!
  18. Welcome :) we can start today hopefully