Smp2 Mini-Mall Renovation!

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  1. Hey everyone! This is my "status" page for the new mini-mall being built at res 3794 on Smp2! Many of you know of the place, it's gained tons of attention since it's opening but I decided to make a newer version of it. Why? Because I want to make a shop that has a lasting impression on Smp2, one of the coolest Minecraft servers I've ever seen, before reality calls me and I'm forced to leave this beautiful place (trust me I'll hate it when that happens :oops:). What's coming in the new version:

    -New Name: "Official Mini-Mall of Smp2."
    -New Shop Changes: Removing some items off the catalog (not a lot), simply because they were too much of a pain in the butt to stock. Most of the big items though such as Wood, Stone, etc... will be returning. Also offering more decor blocks (hoping to get stained glass, stained clay, and all wool colors into the mix).
    -Promos: When the new shop is released promos will be of the essence! Already I have a decent selection that will be waiting to be sold, all of which will have lower-than-market prices!
    -Structural changes: Each floor will now house multiple types of products, as I am planning to include more floor space! Larger shop = Better looks! There will now be 6 floors made of the following (the exact order I am not sure of yet): Oak Log, Sandstone, Stone, Hard Clay, Quartz, Polished Anesdite), I plan on turning one of them into a museum. Also, almost all chestshops will now be equipped with redstone chest indicators so identifying stock level will be easy!
    -Jug'z Supply Company: People have been asking me about this since they saw the pickup facility being built, and it will be coming back upon the full completion of the shop, with some hardworking guys that I know will work great.

    Want to help? I can use it. I am on the servers on Saturdays and Sundays every weekend, and I will be paying well. Within the next few days I should be able to finish off demolition and start with reconstruction. If you want to help please respond, PM me, or find me ingame! I will be posting updates using snapshots on this thread!!
    Thanks for reading guys.
  2. I haven't seen yet, but good luck anyways :D
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  3. First update! Old building down, new building in! Official floor list as well:
    1st (Sandstone): Promos, Enchanted Books, Potions, Minerals
    2nd (Oak Log): Wood Log, Wood Plank, Iron/Diamond Tools + Armour + Weapons
    3rd (Stone): All Building Blocks (All Stained products, Stone blocks, etc.)
    4th (Polished Anesdite*): Everything Mobs (Foods, Mob Eggs, Mob Drops)
    5th (Red Sandstone*): Everything Utilities (Farming and Redstone Supplies)
    6th (Quartz): Rental Condos (Now larger and suit to hold the best possible view from the residence)!
    *Cannot be implemented until the 1.8 update on EMC.