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  1. HELLO EMPIRE! A brand new, fresh, and original mega mall is opening on JANUARY 31 2014 on res # 4077/SMP2, and enchantment shop on res # 4076! It will be HEAVILY stocked in diamonds, building blocks, and mob drops. It is 5 months in progress, and final preparations and collecting are being done to complete this massive project! PM, for a job or any extra info @ Frosty_Penguin and JuicyChief. Happy shopping to all and hope to see you at our grand opening! We will have a quick drop party, including a written books in which contain the name of an item. Which you will get for free in the new mall! And a special prize to our 100th bought item on grand opening day! BE THERE 4077, SMP2, 1/31/14!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:):cool: Sneak peek pics below..... 2014-01-23_00.15.00.png 2014-01-23_00.15.33.png 2014-01-23_00.16.59.png 2014-01-23_00.34.09.png