SMP2 Marketplace!

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  1. As few may know, I have decided to create a marketplace on smp2, at my res, 4235.
    As I do not have the means to supply an entire marketplace, I am letting YOU the people of EMC buy a market stall (3 single chest shops) for 2.75k, What this will get you is, as said earlier, 3 single chest shops, and a stand of any two wool colors you choose.

    If you are interested, please pm me here on the forums.

    Thank you, and I anticipate doing business with you
  2. Considering people can set their own shops up on their secure residence for free, I suggest that you lower the price as its quite expensive for only 3 single chest shops. :)
  3. Yea lower it abit
  4. How long will the lease last? A month, two, six?
  5. forever, as long as its not selling something else already sold elsewhere on this res
  6. after a little look at it, I can fit 5 single chests per stand