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  1. As some people might know, Me And 5Chris100 Have a preety good base out far in the frontier.
    We have a great base on a beautiful island that is untouched. There Is also a view tiny islands around
    It. We owned a Momentus, work together to inprove our base, and we help each other with every
    Task. If you would love to join, please Pm me on the fourms with the application.
    Example -
    IGN: BillyBobJr
    What are you good at: Building and gathering resources.
    Have you ever been kicked/temp banned from Emc: No
    If so, why: N/A
    ScreenShots from the wonderfull base we are building :)
  2. I have expanded the ground for the island so when people join, they will have room to be able to build :)
  3. Since you asked me to bump this.
    IGN: N/A
    What are you good at: Breeding sheep

    Have you ever been kicked/temp banned from Emc: Yes
    If so, why: N/A
  4. IGN: Ark_Warrior1
    What are you good at?: Collecting resources, building, redstone.
    Kicked/Banned: No
    Why: N/A
  5. Ok, ill add you to the convo, but for anyone else please Pm me don't post, Thanks
  6. Everyone who joins will be added to a convo called Smp2 Island Base
    Please Talk about stuff there not here
    Thanks ;)
  7. Potato.
    A wild bump appeared!
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  8. Lol. I See your Other Text. And if you want you can join. Its All In A convo so tahst why nobody in it has chatted here.
  9. I was bumping for you :p
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  10. Bump... We have Awesoem People out there. we are expanding everywhere. We need a few more people. So please sign up today! Its all happening in A Convo As well!
  11. I Have Made Le Daca Working Well. Tons more People are joining here and then. We have great People with a lot of Kindness. We Party In Our Tree Houses at Night. Make Contests, Do all kinds of fun! We arent one of those Huge Outposts With over a thousand People. We are a Nice Community :) Join Today!
  12. I forgot to come back <>.<> I died :p coming back soon :3
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  13. IGN: CoDe4RiDeR
    What are you good at: Building, gathering resources, harvesting, PvE.
    Have you ever been kicked/temp banned from Emc: Yes
    If so, why: Accidentally reporting the wrong person.
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  14. sorry let me fix that didnt see your post.
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  15. We are No Longer Doing the Convo. Everything You need to know will be said here now!
  16. It Is Also really safe out there. Mostly The Whole Island Is Tourched up and We have a lot of these guys to help -
  17. How am I supposed to get there?
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  18. I gave you cords Remember...