SMP2 Enchanted Pickaxes | 3139| Limited Stock

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  1. The Following Items Are All New And Never Used
    These Items Can Be Purchased From My Residence,
    Smp: 2
    Residence: 3139

    Silk Touch I - (5,500r) (Out of Stock)
    Silk Touch I + Efficiency IV - (6,500r) (Out of stock)
    Efficiency IV - (900r) (Out of Stock)
    Efficiency V + Unbreaking III - (5,000r) (Out of Stock)
    Efficiency III + Unbreaking III - (1,500r)
    Efficiency IV + Fortune III - (5,000r) (Out of Stock)
    Efficiency III + Fortune III - (4,500r) (Out Of Stock)
    Fortune III - (4,000r)
    Fortune II + Efficiency III - (2,000r)
    Unbreaking III - (500r) (Out of Stock)
    Efficiency III - (300r)
    Silk Touch I + Unbreaking III - (10,500r)
    Silk Touch I + Unbreaking III + Efficiency III - (Available For Auction) (11,000r buy out)

    Prices are reduced to clear, hurry while stock lasts.
    Prices and items changed daily, so check back later!
  2. Added More Pickaxes :D If prices are too high PM me and i might be able to make a deal.
  3. Prices have been lowered! *Bump*
  4. How on earth did you have the patience to get all that xp? :p
  5. Zombie Xp Grinder :)
  6. Put me down for the eff3unbreaking3 (1500r)
  7. Plenty of them in stock, drop by whenever you please :)
  8. I will be happy to enchant tools, weapons and armour if it is requested.
    Prices have also been lowered... Again!