smp2 dt tema colony info and ways to sign up

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  1. Alright hello to anyone and everyone who looks at this thread, some people and me have been building a jungle colony in the smp2 wild and we are (always)in need of new members. In this post ill put up some facts about the colony, as well as how to sign up :

    Facts first:

    -We are 10 people(this may change very soon or may be inacurate as we have had many new memebers that have not contacted me again after their initial arrival):Current Heads: me(lassia, colony leader), pgoubert(Head Assistant)other (but just as valuable) members: jameskim885,Mrlegitislegit, 333kirby, diamond_viper111, TaintedSoldier, Blazerocks, xxmeichangxx, 72Volt

    -we so far have a couple of rooms which include but are not limited to: a main compound, quarry, farms,grand hall used for traveling round the base(in the works), animal farm, nether portal, in main compound

    -we have been building this colony for 2-3 months and lots of great efforts have been put into this so far
    how to sign up:
    1)sign up for dt team here:

    2) answer a few questions:

    what is ur favorite activity in minecraft?
    how much time do u need/want to spend on personal projects during a week?
    how much time could u devote to this colonie's development?
    at what times are u online? (of the day random example: i am usually here from 6-10 on most days of the week)
    do u think it would be fun to work on this project?(why are u answering these questions if u think ur not going to have fun =D?)
    does ur computer lag in jungles

    3) depending on ur answers i will give u a set of rules and show u around then make u a member of this colony and one of us will guide u over to where we are, do note that only heads of the colony can invite new people to it

    if any of our current members are reading this: Everything u have done so far is great, keep up the good work( as for all the ones who havent been able to contact me so i couldnt give them assignement plz do so asap, ill do my best to do this as well)
  2. Sounds interesting... Lol
  3. haha well take ur time to do those three things since(?)/if ur interested... post ur answers on this thread and ill take care of the rest
  4. People you better sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk sign up if you want plz do
  5. Actually, you should totally join this, is DT official and you may get all our benefits once we launch :)