Smp2 cute little hotel (open rooms!)

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  1. my friend the_orange132 and I had built I pretty good sized "modern" house with white wool. We will be building more of the same style, and are renting them out! Currently, there is 3 rooms, the suite coming with a large deck, nice view with floor-to-ceiling glass, some bookcases, a large chest filled with nether stars (you wish), and a double bed. Furnaces will come, I just was busy. We will open more rooms soon, so watch this thread!
    Current features of the res: a lovely pool/hot-tub combo (ask ilostmyshorts, he thinks it great), an outdoor fireplace, a barbeque, the Tiki Bar, complete with margaritas (water bottles) and melon, a diving board, and a nice patio.

    Prices: basic room 100r a week. Exc suite 500r a week.
    Nice hotel room with pool area, prices negotiable, at 4271, smp2. Use the exc. suite telepad to view.

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  2. nobody? i know im kinda being overthrown by the blue ribbon, but this is a condo deal!