Smp2 Community Teleporter

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bob_9251, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I had the idea of a community teleporter when i was trying to find a good shop. I found it hard to remember all the res numbers and so i thought, "Man, if there was one res that had all the major shops, then that would make my life a lot easer."

    My res # is 3650 and to get a teleport pad to your res it is 5r per week. Having rented a teleport pad you can be almost certain to have more customers coming to your shop. Hope this Idea takes action, for i'm sure new players to EMC would be quiet happy to head to one place and have the best EMC has to offer at their fingertips.

    - Bob_9251 -
  2. But then they have to remember your res number, they could just make a room on there res that was for buying supplies and they wouldn't have to pay any money
  3. Oh, the people that want to use it dont have to pay money, the shop owners renting teleport pad have to pay the 5r per week