Smp2 Community Iron Farm

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by runtaylorun1, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Some might have noticed the huge half-built iron farm on smp2. Some of you have read the "please do not grief" sign and obeyed. Others have not... I would like everyone to know that the iron farm is for everyone to use and that if you grief it, it won't work. So all those people who like to go grief iron farms, I suggest you use it for what it's made for. The iron farm is free to use for everyone, smp1 to utopia! There are only a few simple rules...

    1. Obviously, don't grief the iron farm!

    2. You may only go AFK for ten minutes at a time.

    3. If you know that someone is waiting for a turn, let them go after you have your first ten minutes of AFK.

    4. Similar to rule 3: don't hog the iron farm to yourself, it is for everyone to use.

    5. CURLER22 has dibs on first use of the iron farm so he will get his turn before the opening.

    The iron farm will not be finished until a couple of weeks i will announce the grand opening when it is finished.