SMP2. after 2 days. here is what i have. MY HOUSE

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  1. hey. can i get some feed back?
    but what im really looking for is interior decorators.
    My res is 4269 on SMP2. my doors are always open. 2011-11-24_00.19.09.png

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  2. I cant give you any advice because I suck at the inside part of building. But I just wanted to say awesome place :) :)
  3. You do not suck at making the insides of houses, I've seen the inside of your house and it looks gorgeous! I, on the other hand am terrible at decorating inside, along with the outside. :) Oh, and really nice place
  4. I'm having a problem with interior as well.

    Here's a resource that a few builders on Youtube seem to use.
  5. Wow, thanks! I will look at this whenever I am puzzled about the interior of my home.
  6. Lovely design only thing i don't like is that you only used wood ;)