SMP2 - 4054 - Cheap awesomeness!

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  1. There's a nice little shop at 4054 owned by me! I can't categorize what I sell, so I'll just say. I specialize in rare things like music discs, potions, mob drops, and ores. You will find that I don't sell diamonds. That is for a reason. I think that the diamond market, while useful, is altogether unnecessary. People can use their rupees to go out and buy as many as 40-50 with their starting rupees. While that does give them a great start, I think that no one should be able to gain diamond armor from the get-go. I will be posting a list of my items and prices shortly.
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  2. List of items- will be updated regularly.

    Green Record- 175r
    Gold Record- 175r
    Enchantment Table- 100r (Out of stock)
    Sugarcane- 64 for 2r
    Mushroom Soup- 2r
    Obsidian- 4r
    Sapling- 5 for 1r
    Wheat- 10 for 4r
    Seeds- 10 for 3r
    Gold- 10r (Out of stock)
    Iron- 5r (Out of stock)
    Redstone- 10 for 5r
    Gunpowder- 1r
    Mossy Cobblestone- 5r
    Melon- 10 for 1r
    Cactus- 2r
    Egg- 16 for 4r
    Wooden Door- 5r
    Slimeball- 40r
    Fence- 3 for 1r (Out of stock)
    Bone- 3r
    Coal- 10 for 4r (Out of stock)
    Spider Eye- 3r
    Melon Seeds- 2r
    String- 2r


    Strength 1- 40r
    Speed 1- 35r
    Health 2- 40r
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  3. Also, I accept donations. I currently have one spot to donate 100r, 500r, 6 diamonds, and 32 diamonds. Donators of 100r and 6 diamonds get access to a fully leveled enchantment table, and donators of 500r and 32 diamonds get an add on my premium wall.

    Current Donators:

    *fallingoutvegas (first and most donated!)

    *Premium Donater
  4. Buy from my shop as fast as you can. I've been banned and I don't know why. My shop will vanish in 7 days, so get what you can!
  5. talk to jeremy, i know it wasnt you.......