smp2 - 4000 - Underwater hotel rooms

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  1. (I posted a similar thread in community creations, but figured this is really more of a market type of thing - mods please lemme know if that's against rules or something)

    So I currently have 3 available underwater hotel rooms and am selling them for 1000r each. I'm currently expanding the hotel with more hotel rooms, but I can't charge much less than 1000r because they cost a lot to make.

    Each hotel room comes with a crafting table, 2 furnaces and a bed. If you want, I can add storage chests, more furnaces or change the floor color/pattern. :p

    Here's a picture of 1 of the rooms:

  2. WOAH OMG!! Awesome!
  3. ill take one room 2 please
  4. Okie doke, I'll give you permits and you can pay me whenever :p
    I love your shop by the way :)