SMP2 - 3997 - I sell lots of goods and machines to help you make progress

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  1. This is some of what I sell
    Golden apple-5000r
    Diamond block-300r
    Enchantment table-150r
    The machines and other I sell
    3x larger obsidian generator-700r
    Parkour map-900r
    Large farm-650r
    Water feature-250r
    Enchantment area-150r
    Small obsidian genorator- FREE
    I have storage space for everyone on the server
    small print it will be getting larger
    For your everyday jobs come to 3997
    Awsomeantz1's your man so make a plan
  2. ok ill check it out :)
  3. The price of golden apples has now bee official lowered to 2500r in stead of 5000r and there is one in stock so get it quick also the sugarcane and sugar are now in plentiful supply and along with my new offer friends of mine will get a 50% discount on all machines. There are 3 double chests for hire plz contact me when I'm online and the storage area will be largened by 100% underground to when u can see the void particles and there is aloud of new items for sale
    Plz donaten for larger shop and better machines

    Awsomeantz's your man so make a plan
  4. I didn't know you sold generators and farms! We should to work together as my shop sells the same things! :O
  5. The price of the small obsidian gen has go up to 100r due to the lack of lava around the town
  6. What is a water feature i am interested in knowing about it if it looks good (or works well?) i will buy it!
  7. It's a wierd thingy but it's just for decoration come to my res to see it