SMP2 - 3296 - Gunpowder-By-The-Double-Chest

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  1. I currently have two double-chests of gunpowder available for direct sale.

    Location: SMP2 - 3296 (follow the enderpearl teleport portal)

    I am asking 20,000 rupees per double-chest. I will update stock as I sell or acquire more gunpowder.

    Stock: 5

    Please PM me for purchase of multiple dbl-chests, request dibs on future product or to request special arrangements.

    Edit: I have added a chest shop to sell gunpowder by the stack for 560r each (a comparable price per item as the double-chest).

  2. Reduced price.
  3. How do you get so much? :eek: Might get some soon. Do you offer it in smaller amounts?
  4. Soooooo much gunpowder.
  5. I would love to pay 30k for a dc's pls reserve a dc's of gun powder for me

    I will pay 32k if you keep a dc's for me thx
  6. Trade secret.
    PM me when you want to buy and I am sure we can come up with a package that fits your needs.
  7. 1 DC is ready for pickup, another will be ready within 24 hours.
  8. Stock added. 4 DCs available.
  9. 4 DCs now available
  10. Stock added. Added option to buy by the stack. As always, any questions, special requests, please PM me.

  11. Well, when supply exceeds demand, there is only one thing to do.

    Slash prices!
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  12. This offer is still good!
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  13. Cheep, cheep gunpowder still available!
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