SMP2 - 3296 -- Ender Pearl Liquidation!

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  1. I have too many Ender Pearls!

    They are priced to sell!

    64 Pearls (4 stacks of 16) for 20r (At this rate you are paying just 1080r for a double-chest of them!)
    6 Pearls for 3r

    News Flash! - Slashing price for double-chest of Ender Pearls to 800r.

    Available Stock: 9 Double-Chests
  2. I have restocked. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by thus far.
  3. Now you can get a whole DC if you like, for 1000r. PM me to arrange delivery.
  4. i will buy them all how much
  5. actually i will buy them soon but not now, but i want them'
  6. 1000r per double-chest.
  7. can i buy them later, pls save them for me
  8. Sure, what hasn't already been reserved will be saved for you.
  9. why are you in 1.8 pre-release
  10. Do you have any left curundu
  11. He is a wizard.
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  12. how do people get so many ender pearls?
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  13. Probably not his picture :p
  14. Well I have 12 DC left to liquidate at 1000r each! Bump!
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  15. -Cough- haxor
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  16. Changed OP to reflect drop in price for a double-chest of Ender Pearls to 800r.
  17. I'd like to buy a double chest :)
  18. I will set up access for you this evening. Thanks.

  19. Still have some DCs for sale.