Smp2 - 2709 - My shop sells many cheap items!

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  1. My shop is on SMP2, lot #3709, and i sell many items, most recently i sell endstone and mobdrops/rare items.

    I also sell cobble generators for different prices, if i have to supply the items i charge 550r, if you supply the items, i will only charge 200r, i may give discounts though!

    I do many events, such as the Mystery Box Auction.

    I may remove the move permissions on my lot if i am remodling anything.

    Hopefully you come to my shop and buy your needs and wants. I am also planning on adding everyday items such as cobble and wood.
  2. If Gold Supporters DO get a Utopia Lot, i may make a shop on my new lot and/or make my smp2 lot into a big shop
  3. :EDIT: i accidently made the title say 2709 when its 3709 XD.

    anyways, i know where the End is on smp2 and smp4, im giving out coords for smp2 end portal to the next person who buys all of my music disks. if you already know where it is, ill give you the coords for the smp4 end portal!

    come to my shop and receive rewards for buying!
  4. I am adding tnt and slimeballs, etc. to my shop! come when you can!!!

    P.S. i am running DANGEROUSLY low on endstone, i am also hiring people to mine it for me and other resources