SMP1's Top Shop [Vote]

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by MercenaryCrow, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Vote for your favorite shop on SMP1 and receive a small prize upon conclusion of the Top Shop contest.

    The res with the most votes gets Center Stage billing at the 1010 Info Center and title of Top Shop for a month! First ever Top Shop will likely be held for slightly longer.

    This contest ends in exactly 1 week, on 2013 May 28 at 2300 GMT. Please vote!
    • You need to have at a least 1 residence on smp1 to cast a valid vote
    • Votes for a res that does not have a shop will be discarded with no prize awarded to the voter
    • Limit 1 vote per person, no alternate accounts, please.
    • Prize consists of 1 Iron Block, awarded at end of contest
    • /shop is ineligible to win, such votes are considered invalid (admit it, you're trolling lol)
  2. /shop
    Edit: great prices! *thumbs up*
  3. Beat you too it xD
  4. 413

    /shop terrible prices!
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  5. Such a serious forum
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  6. /shop is ineligible to win
    these votes are considered invalid

    edited original post to reflect this
  7. 413
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  8. I read this as:
    "Smp1 Toy shop" xD
  9. /shop
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  10. Can you guys PLEASE stop? He already said it would be invalid, its not funny to not listen and try and be rude. Its not funny. He wants real votes. Even if you are being serious, he said its invalid. :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.