SMP1's Top Shop for September [Vote]

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  1. The res with the most votes gets Center Stage billing at the 1010 Info Center and title of Top Shop for a month!

    This contest ends in exactly 1 week, on 2013 September 2 at 2300 GMT. Please vote!
    • You need to have at least 1 residence on smp1 to cast a valid vote
    • Votes for a res that does not have a shop will be discarded
    • Limit 1 vote per person, no alternate accounts, please.
    • /shop is ineligible to win, such votes are considered invalid (admit it, you're trolling lol)
    Todd Vinton held the MACE award for far too long, because I was lazy. I'm sorry. So make sure your friends and neighbors vote to give the Most Appreciated Commercial Establishment award to someone else this time. On that note, not only shops may win, but any residence that provides a service to the public.
  2. 1112 - Faithcaster's shop!
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  3. 2585 :) Visit! Check it out.
  4. I'm no longer part of the contest.
  5. Well you can still win after this month.
  6. I think that 730 belongs to jeanzl2000
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  7. Oh yeah, I meant to quote the post that was 3 above me ^_^
  8. :(