SMP1's largest enchant shop looking for donations

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bunkerllama, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. This project is the first Enchantment "mega shop" on smp1. I had the help of Kells18 and Herbrin3, and now i need the help of the EMC community itself! I have spent countless hours on a honestly not that good zombie spawner trying to rack up XP, i will continue doing so. But, im asking the EMC community, to
    1) Donate Rupees! (Of course) If you donate, ik alot of people put up a wall where the people who donate can advertise? I guess i will do so
    2) Donate enchantments you dont need! This one is pretty important
    3) Well there is no 3..
    Once again I appreciate everyone's kindness in this matter. Thanks :)
  2. I can supply you with pretty good picks. Just do what leowaste does and i be happy selling them at your shop ;)
  3. I dont know what he does :p
  4. haha check it out then its pretty good setup, I think its on the green level, his shop is on smp2
  5. Good setup, but i dont have the rupees to do so atm. You can come check out my setup at 2114 on SMP1
  6. alright i come check it out after i do something on different server