SMP1's Cheapest Shop!

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  1. Come one come all!
    To my brand new ever expanding shop!
    Here you will find discounted prices of some items!

    Here you can also order most of my items in DC quantities!
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    Have any Efficiency 4 books just laying around?
    Sell them to me!!!

    Need Rabbits Feet? Only 200r!

    All potions only 10r!

    Enchanted tools for sale!
    Cheap GOD pickaxes!

    All crops 40r!

    Cheapest leather on smp1! 64 for 320r!

    Horses only 100r!

    Rabbit eggs 30r!

    Come play enchanted book roulette! 250r a book!!

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    Leave a review! I want to hear what you have to say!
    The good, bad, and ugly of it all!
    I wanna know how I can improve your experience!

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  2. I'll check it out as soon as I'm on! :)
  3. Good question lol forgot to put my res number in the OP lol 1547 on smp1 :)
  4. How much are the bunny foots?
  5. 500 but im thinking about lowering them once i get more