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  1. Ohai EMC
    As some of you know, my mall (/v 1112) is getting ran by 12 people, one for each floor.
    When someone leave, new people must be taken in, therefor this thread is made.

    Current open floors
    Nether and End Worlds /Green/
    Ingots, Ores and Gems /Blue/
    Mob Eggs and Alchemy /Cyan/

    To be the manager of one of these, you have to send me an application using this form:

    #1: How will you be stocking your floor?
    #2: What makes you the guy for this floor?
    #3: Do you have any experience owning/co-owning a mall?
    #4: Do you accept reselling (Someone buying from you just to sell it to another guy to earn money)
    #5: If #4 = yes ignore this, if #4 = no answer this: What would you do to stop a guy reselling from you?

    #6: Anything you'd like to add?
    #7: What floor are you looking to stock?
    OBS: This form must be sent to me in a PRIVATE MESSAGE on the EMC forums, Best of Luck!
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  2. Misread something, PM'ing you now.
  3. Ask any questions here, also i updated the available floors list.
  4. faith, i am sorry but these managers are not a good idea. At 1112 i am finding terrible stock, i can no longer sell most items and some floors don't even have signs yet.
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  5. I agree with olaf, i cant get anything there. There is no stock and sometimes outrageous prices
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  6. I have been very busy with school, i haven't fired/managed the mall for a long time, so a lot of managers were unactive.
    That wont be like that anymore, i've already knocked around 6 guys off the manager job, and now hiring new guys, with this mall update i will check the stock and pricing MUCH more often.

    Trust me, this will make everything much better.
  7. Just an FYI there's no "I want to run this floor:"
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  8. I just got into the team and i will promise you that it's gonna be all cool, Nice managers and i don't know about the rest but i'm trying to keep ANYTHING in stock at the black section, Will be up tommorow :D
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  9. Updated this list, Cyan just got available, and 3 floors were claimed last night!
  10. just to let u know u have a loose bat in ur shop on cyan floor
  11. Haha, if you look around, there is 5 cows, 2 sheep, 2 villagers and around 10 bats on 1112 messing around ;P
  12. can u egg a bat i whant to buy some
  13. Heh, I'll give you some tomorrow, alright?
  14. Hopefully this mall is successful unlike some other ones :)
  15. This mall was a huge success and was either 2nd or 1st most popular mall on smp1 for a year
  16. Maybe you shouldn't accept just anyone. Make sure they're fit for the job and they'll take it seriously before you let them co-own one of the most popular SMP1 malls lol
  17. I just snuck in before you said that. lol
  18. I review all applications, from the new thread I made only 20% of the applications was accepted.
    I do review all applications down to last detail, and I'm not afraid to say no, :)
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  19. I have lots of experience with running a shop, i have access to many wool farm, i would buy too and even then he had to think hard about it. before i got the pink floor. He means business.
  20. B
    In the name of free cookies everywhere in the world.