SMP1Mall Changing Manager

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  1. Hello Empire!
    Today something big happend for mostly me, but also the SMP1 economy
    RandomZh is now the full owner of 1112, he will own ALL signs, have all rights, and ofc the stocking part.
    Please welcome RandomZh as the new manager of SMP1Mall - /v 1112
    Prices will be changed abit, and stock will be ALOT better ;)

    As you might know he have been running Cash n' Carry /v 1728 known as being the best stocked Empire shop.
    I look forward seeing SMP1Mall grow bigger, and better.
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  2. Yay, i know this will be awesome! =)
  3. Will the prices change in the positive way? : )
    Cool, hope you do it well, RandomZh! ; )
  4. You should ask RandomZh
    I'm just a residence owner :)
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  5. Awesomes!!!
  6. Hmm, if the new prices are anything like his old store, then the profit margin will be even better...for him, meaning pay more and earn less for the masses. Hope that's not the case, wish you the best of luck!