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  1. will it come out? when will it come out? and will shaun pre-kill the dragon?
  2. The odds are slim and Shaun will prolly do the same but ICC has a idea going around about dragon eggs
  3. well thats not vanilla...
  4. Nor are protected town lots. You're not complaining about that.
  5. You go girl! *sterotpyical girl clicking triangle here*

    EMC has no need for any more servers. You should probably expect more when American holidays finish though. Also, 9 and 8 were released together.
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  6. SMP10 would kill the economy by starting a new one
  7. Not really ahaha.
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  8. SMP 8 + 9 didnt help, although diamonds do go down, just business doesnt rise in certian servers
  9. There's still a decent number of open residences spread across the servers, and I'd imagine there's a good number on the derelict policy that can be unclaimed as well. Also, the server's aren't full very much at the moment, so there isn't much need for an SMP10 yet in my opinion.
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  10. You should have read e full thread, aha ;)
  11. I was erm... 'clarifying' :p
  12. No, there will not be an Smp10 unless all 540 slots (60x9 = 540) become filled at once all the time. Atleast, I hope not. The players are too spread out on each server, and we don't see many new players on SMP3 anymore. Alot of old timers left to SMP9 or 8 and there are usually about 16 players online at a time on the classic servers, making smp2 a ghost town. There's no going back now, because if Justin deletes smp4+ then we'll have an even bigger drop in players and alot of people raging on at Justin.
  13. whoa whoa whoa noone said nothing about deleting any of the existing smp's.
  14. Just saying.