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  1. y is smp1 down i cant login just keeps polling lol iam missing something i know it lol just need some help
  2. Things you are missing:
    • Proper spelling and capitalization
    • The search function
    • The Empire Help & Support forum
    • Any discernible effort to check for existing threads on this matter
  3. well for 1 thing ill spell how i wont, and i dont need some snob telling me how to do something i was just asking something iv not been around for some time now back
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  4. You will speak correctly or I will have you banished. lol
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  5. giv me rupeez Pig Man or i wil kil u
  6. AusQB is a grammar nazi!! O_O
    Just kidding, having some fun. :D
    Grammar Nazi1.png
  7. ok com on smp3 i wil giv u sum
  8. meat me @ da spwn mkay? 1 want 30k
  9. Mods Please close this thread before I start smacking and punching killemal1 for calling Aus a snob.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.