SMP1 Wood shop

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  1. I realize this will be a task, but, im willing to make the SMP1 wood shop because we dont have one. Donations are accepted. And im no longer at 2114 bc i was gone for like 4 months, anyways..wish me luck :)
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  2. Good luck!
  3. now i have to memorize yet another res number.... and the insanity sets in....
  4. tell me about it :p
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  5. Can you go in DC's?
  6. is there any way u can sell me 30 double chests of pine logs, how much per stack do u sell at i usually buy at 80r a stack. i need them very bad for my project i am building at 12004 and 12005. it is not taht much i have used over 300 double chests of pine logs.
  7. it might take some time, but sure i can do tht! i closed the shop but ill do this order for you
  8. Good luck. I'm in the process of building my own shop and its hard to do.
  9. Oh wow, 30 dc of pine logs D: I also have a wood shop but I don't carry nearly that much!!

    I was going to say I have a wood shop at smp2 4382 if you want some inspiration! I have a wood floor pattern showcase too if you want to look!
  10. Just sell the wood at 12005, u will see why i need that much wood. it is smp6.
  11. change of plans... i now start a job and i wont have nearly enough time to do it.. im sorry..