[SMP1] Winterfell is Back!

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  1. Hello all,
    Between college and finishing requirements for Eagle Scout, I've been pretty busy, but lehmaqr and I will be bringing the outpost of Winterfell back. Right now it's a bit griefed, but we are fixing it! If you are interested in joining us in the wild, just PM me or lehmaqr.
    We hope to see you out there!
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  2. Alright I was accepted before I would love to return! :D I need the cords/the way we got there :p
  3. Sure thing! I was actually repairing up your house today :p
  4. :O omg I gotta come now :D
  5. Could you show pics of everything that was griefed?
    I need to know if my little log cabin is still intact...
  6. I think yours is moderately griefed. I can't get on now, but it's repairable.
  7. If im right on what house is yours I believe your house was set to fire just like mine D: but if you want the cords to come out let me know. :D
  8. So, if we are already apart of winterfell, do we have to apply again?
  9. no just ask me or caius for the cords :D
  10. Please don't repair my house, I'll just head back out there and fix it up, spiffiey and new :)
    I still remember how to get there.
    But still...
  11. After a little bit of exploring the theifs destroyed my party room, killed my wolf, stole enchantment table, and messed up the nearby dessert >.> probally much more but I haven't seen it D: EDIT: And for sure they set your cabin on fire :(
  12. Oh joy...
    Time to come out and look at the damage...
  13. If I believe, I should already be there.
  14. alright :D
  15. I'm gettin on now, I'll see if I'm there.
  16. ok
  17. I realized that I forgot to post the application itself, so here it is.


    What is you IGN?

    Why do you want to join?

    Where will you be most helpful? (Example of this: I will be helpful to Winterfell because I am a great Builder and awesome at PvE. I can keep the town safe, as well as help to build many buildings for the town!)

    Have you ever been banned (this will NOT affect our decision)? If so, why?
  18. UPDATE: We are currently working on getting a horse for every current resident. Any donation of carrots, gold, saddles, etc. would be deeply appreciated.
  19. bumpin, alot of new builds out there since i was last there. keep in mind if you have dark spots im going to slab/light up the area.

    also demolished qwerty189's griefed house all the left over materials are in his mailbox ill see about cleaning a few other places up too
  20. Alright, looks like I'll have to reconstruct it 100% :l