smp1 Wilderness Restoration Project & Public Utilities

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Are there any other public services you would like to see other than those listed?

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  1. If you would like to help out, or help maintain some of these once they are finished please leave a comment!

    Current Progress:
    Yellow = Currently working on. Green = Completed. Red = On standby.

    Afk Farms/Food Grinder

    Restoring Wilderness: Public Hub area
    Gold farm/exp grinder
    High spawn-rate grinder
    Iron Farm
    Rail System
    Guardian Farm
    Semi-afk tree harvester(1.9)
    Auto wither-skeleton farm


    SMP1 Wilderness Restoration Project

    Status - In progress
    Current area - Public Hub
    Biome - Forest, Forest Hills
    Received approval to remove old, destroyed/abandoned structures in the area
    Currently repairing the damage to the surface of the area.

    The public hub will serve as the railway hub to the various areas as well as
    harbor it's own smaller afk farm/grinder and offer villager trading for farms.
    The hub will be located fairly close to spawn and will probably be the most susceptible to damage

    I feel like the title of this is fairly straightforward, the purpose of the project is to take large chunks of land that have been destroyed by time, countless creeper explosions, abandoned projects, etc and return it to a beautiful and usable landscape again. The current landscape I'm repairing will be re-purposed into some of the public utilities listed below once it's done.

    If there is an area of SMP1's wilderness you would like to restored leave a message here, or talk to me in-game about it. If you would like to help out with this project by contributing your time or materials contact me in-game or use the labeled donation chests on /v 2809.

    Please check the list below before donating materials!

    Materials currently needed(In order of importance):
    1. Dirt
    2. Sand
    3. Stone/Stone Brick/Cobblestone
    4. Redstone(Dust, block, or torches)
    5. Rails/Powered Rails
    6. Saplings(Oak, Birch)
    7. Torches
    Smp1 Public Utilities - Afk Farms/Grinder
    Status - In Progress
    Location - Public Hub Area
    These small afk farms are more-so meant to be left alone and just be emptied by passerby
    who are on their way to the railway, they will include a small food mob-grinder, small mob-grinder, auto-sugarcane farm, auto-melon farm, and an auto-cactus farm. These will all be relatively small in size, but should produce plenty to be useful.
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  2. Updates:
    1/13/16: Thanks to weeh I was able to remove the old heavily griefed bridge
    leading from the west side of /wild s and replace it with a shiny new bridge with a better
    design to suit horse travel. The bridge leads to where the Public Utilities Hub will be at.
    1/15/16: Started adding pictures, updated materials needed for Restoration Project.
    1/19/16: Found a place a few hundred blocks from the restoration that will suit the afk drops grinder perfectly. Once fully constructed it will be connected to the hub area and opened.
    1/28/16: First small grinder is finished, once the building around it and the small auto-farms around it are done I'll connect it to the bridge. ~Added early picture of the first small grinder.

    • Unknown - DC of iron shovels left in a chest.
    • Kytula
    • Krazy__Cookie
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  3. Pictures:
    Before Pictures:

    After Pictures:


  4. I have several Dc's of dirt I've been hording for just such an occasion ^_^
    I can set up some access signs for you? or I can bring them wherever you need them?

    plus all the other items on you list ^_^ as a bonus I can throw in some bonemeal too for adding grass and flowers back to the landscape
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  5. I can gladly help out with this! Just leave me a message when you see me ingame!
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  6. Must be doing something right, already getting the area griefed a bit! :eek: :cool: