Smp1 Wilderness Mining Camp/Village

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  1. Hi EMC! If you like mining, exploring, or mob-hunting, this place is for you!
    At a selected location in the South Outpost desert of Smp1's wilderness, ThePieNinja, BrickNumber, and I (with additional support from SheBomb) have built a small village with plenty of annoying mobs to hunt (if that's your thing =), if not I have people who love to fight) roaming the area. Monsters are usually not the problem, though.

    What: An awesome mining/mob-hunting camp in the wilderness!
    When: You can join the group of players at the camp anytime (just pm me so I know you're joining)
    -South Outpost in the Wild
    -(I will take you to the specific location once you join)
    How (to join): Private message minecraftgirl30

    At the camp there are nice houses built out of stone brick and more where you can live for the period of time for only 5r/month. There is no fee for mining, though rupees may be awarded for those who really stand out in protecting the camp.

    For an additional 5r/month fee of us leading you guys to the camp, we can make a great village of miners! (Be prepared to travel or fight in rainy or sunny weather. We will travel at day for safety. We will be traveling through mountains, jungles, deserts, and small amounts of water.)

    If you are interested, please private message me, minecraftgirl30 (I'm usually on Smp1). If I respond to your private message, the answer will probably be yes! I will remind you, but after the confirmation please go to the SOUTH OUTPOST in the WILDERNESS (Wild) on SMP1.
    Be sure to bring food, armor (optional), weapons, tools, basic building blocks, and any other supplies needed. If you do not have these items available, you can always buy them at the small shop at the Camp.

    If you private message me, please be prepared to pay me 10r for that month as well as the rest of the months you are participating. (Command for giving rupees: /r pay [player] [amount]

    Thanks for reading!! =) I hope you can join!