SMP1 Wild Outpost

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If we started an outpost on the smp1 frontier would you join

Yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. Hello all, i am starting construction of a frontier outpost on smp1. It will take one or two weeks to finish but it will have walls, a highway, mass farms and five quarries. There will also be an iron farm set up nearby as well. Since it has not been named yet the offical thread of the outpost will be started after construction and naming are complete. The purpose of this thread is to spread word and see how many people are interested in the idea. F.Y.I. To all the griefers out there, chests will be locked. The area it is in has some nice deserts nearby for mob hunting as well :)
  2. Also if anyone has additional suggestions please speak up. Im always looking for new ideas
  3. I'll make the website.. if you need one...
  4. I maybe would join, not gonna say yes or no, just maybe :) But It looks like it'll be interesting...
  5. Bump. We are also looking for name suggestions.
  6. Any name suggestions?
  7. It would be an interesting thing to see added to the wild of SMP1, the only problem would be griefers which always hassle outposts in the wild. I have been a part of about seven, and all but one of them were destroyed. I know it wont be much help to say this but, if you see a outpost in the wild, let it stay there, they're a cool thing to have around and I find them kind of cool
  8. Update: i recently found a zombie spawner and am making it into an xp grinder
    EDIT: Zombie Grinder is now complete and operational.
  9. Also the first area's walls are almost complete. Soon all we will need is a name
  10. What biome is it in
  11. Main walled area is costal plains but there are jungles, deserts, tagia's and extreme hills nearby :)
    I took different people liking different areas into consideration before i started building
  12. Ugh another momentus spawned at the site
    EDIT: i killed him. Also apparently momentus drops vault vouchers now
  13. So far two momentuses and two marlixes have perished on this land