SMP1 Wild Outpost

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  1. Lehmaqr and myself have decided to start out own outpost in the frontier of SMP1. We will be accepting all players and currently have a decent amount of food and are expanding our animals farms. We will need builders and miners however and a police force of some sort that watches out for griefing and mobs would be helpful. Please answer these questions if you wish to join and I or lehmaqr will PM you the co-ords of our "town".

    What is you IGN?

    Why do you want to join?

    Where will you be most helpful?

    Have you ever been banned (this will NOT affect our decision)?

    If so, why?
  2. Hey, this is lehmaqr, the co-founder. Government rolls at the time I'm posting are being discussed. As far as I'm concerned it will be a democracy. Rolls will most likely be as follows:
    Head Builder:Kind of self explanatory, doing architecture and public works, may require redstone work (would be simple if needed like and gates)
    Head Miner:(Not necessary but may happer) Leads large group mining trips and a navigator through caves and mine shafts.
    Chef:Kills animals, cooks meat, farms as a major priority
    Police Captain:Enforces rules of the town, lights up town, kills invading hostile mobs
    Redstone Master:Does more difficult redstone work for various objectives
    These roles are subject to change as felt necessary!
    Please add which job/leadership role you would be best at under the "Where will you be most helpful?" section of your application. Thank you.
  3. Seems cool, I might join depending on how far out it is.
  4. Well I won't give coords until you are accepted, much like what you did with Stonehold.
  5. Update!

    We are building a wall along the desert! What does that mean for you, wanderer of the Frontier?

    It means that you will now be entering the city through it's port on the side. Also much of our cobble stone and coal will be put into building this monstrosity to keep out those nopes the staff calls "enraged creepers".

    But wait, how will we build said monstrosity?

    Well little Billy and Susie, when a stork... wait no, I mean we will be needing new people to help build this and there will probably be some spare Rupees floating around for those willing to help us.

    But will I need my own supplies and will this cost me anything?

    We have TONS of supplies (however coal and iron would be nice) including food for new members and veterans alike. And we do not charge for anything at Winterfell! All we ask is that you help by killing mobs, mining, farming, and/or building.

    If Winterfell is so awesome, why am I still back in town?

    I'm not too sure on that one, so feel free to PM CaiusDahLupus (me) or lehmaqr for an interview and the location of Winterfell. See you there!
  6. Oh is this for Winter fell?
  7. Why yes it is :)
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  8. I was over there the other day because, somebody said that there was a giant there and every went there with qwerty's permission... The key word being was...
  9. You are completely welcome to stick around as Giants spawn every once in a while in the desert as long as you don't grief. Sorry you didn't get a chance to take it down. /:
  10. -Biscuitboy5396

    -I had my own colony in the wild, I enjoy primarily a life in a true survival aspect

    -Redstone :) - I consider myself to be knowledged in the art of redstone

    -Yes - Once I asked to be banned to study, the other was well... to take a break for school purposes/study xD

  11. ~Golden_Guppy! :)
    ~I love to be out in the wild, and want to spend a lot of my time out there!
    ~Building, I currently have an internship at a very successful architectural company so I am very decorative and know good ways to keep buildings from being destroyed easily! & I build very rapidly!
    ~Yes multiple times, but none ever for greifing! xD
  12. The man asked why.. not why not xD
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  13. shhh;)