Smp1 vs. Smp2!

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  1. Hello, all! My Emerald Factory has been cutted down to the two most voted...

    Smp1 and smp2!

    Vote now for what smp should the Emerald Factory be!
  2. Darn forgot poll....

    Tell me what smp and I'll write it down xD
  3. Wh
    What Emerald Factory?
  4. SMP2 ftw o/
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  5. 2 vs 0 smp2
  6. Ess Em Pee Two! All the way!
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  7. smp1
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  8. We got a smp1 voter :)
  9. SMP-1 !!!!!! Thats were EMC all started, you can't go wrong. It is like the Vegas or Big Apple or Miami of EMC.
  10. You know I would really love to have it on smp3, but since that's not a choice I'll vote for my home server smp1.
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  11. Obviously, smp1 :p
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  12. SMP1 SMP1 SMP1 SMP1
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  13. Smp2, its my 200th day, do it for me *cough* us...
  14. 4 and 6 smp1


    Cmon smp2ers!
  15. SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 SMP 1 All The WAYYY
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  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That Counts as 50 Votes for SMP1 :p
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  17. Smp2
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