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  1. Hi peeps :D

    As you may know I'm building the Fortress of Eden on my SMP1 res (841). Now a friend of mine claimed the res next to mine (945) and now I'm also gonna build something Big on that res!

    The Temple of Purgatory!

    The main idea:

    A bit entrance hall, high, grand, shining, must look like a true hell (a lot of Lava etc) Then there will be a solarsystem-ish kind of thing with lava balls, swirling around upwards finally ending up in the ''Ball of everlasting Sorrow'' This ball will keep the Temple ''flying''. From that main point there will be 4 wings: War, Death, Fury and Strife. (yes, thats from the Darksiders series). Ill design them once my Fortress of Eden is done :D

    This project will need resources, heres where all those generous people get in:

    I'm in need of:
    Netherbrick stairs
    mossy stone/brick
    pine logs
    black wool
    red wool
    grey wool
    stone slabs

    Any rupee donations are also welcome :D

  2. No reactions whatsoever xD? Come on peeps D: