Smp1- The Far East Outpost!

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  1. Calling all minecrafters! Some friends and myself have decided to attempt to start an "outpost" in a section of the wild that we call the Far East Outpost because it is outside of the discovered circle on the live map. We would like to try and invite anyone who likes grief-free communities to feel free to join our little expedition. We currently only have a small area that we have taken to use, but we would like to expand. Each person that comes will be allowed to build a house to their specifications, so it can be as large and extraordinary as you like! Just make sure before the journey out you bring extra boats and extra food, because the journey to our civilization is highly water based. For directions please message me either in the game or on the site.


    Link to Live Map:
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  2. No applications? No rules?
  3. No rules other than it's supposed to be a grief free community. Just have fun :D
  4. Okay, i might join...
  5. Yeah u just invited griefers
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