SMP1: South West Outpost East Bridge

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  1. Ha! Ha! I finally completed the bridge linking the Land to the Outpost Safe Zone. It was annoying always making boats to travel to the land, but after 5 hours of laying down dirt, I managed to connect the two areas.

    I did not do this for recognition or acknowledgement! I did this to help fellow players enjoy their time at that Outpost and not having to worry about finding trees to make a boat or swimming across. I do ask people to try not to grief it or steal the blocks, but I think that’s asking too much. If you do have to fight Creepers, try to lure them away from the bridge.

    It can be located at the South West Outpost in the Wilderness Wasteland eastern exit on SMP1.

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  2. And where does this lead may i ask?
  3. An area where Marlix sometimes spawns a lot.
  4. Cool! ive got to check this out some time!
  5. If you look at my past post, I was attacked by Marlix at that area 3 times, but I only posted 1 event where he attacked and killed me and then another player killed him. I ran away from the other 2 encounters because i had weak gear on me and I set my difficulty a little higher.
  6. Marlix doesn't spawn in specific area. If I remember rightly, he spawns near a random player every so often. :)
  7. Then why does that message "You sense an eerie presence..." keep popping up when I'm out in the Wilderness Wasteland, specifically at that location? Is it because at those times I was the only one out at the Wilderness Wasteland and everyone else was in town? So it could be that its target was me being the only player in the Wilderness Wasteland?
  8. Wow, already its been changed, Oh well never mind.
  9. It never fails, some one always griefs something made there to help other players. The bridge is griefed! Why am I not surprised!

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