Smp1 Snow Gens

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  1. Ok so i decided to make some public snow gens, it isnt fully made yet, but here is how to get there.

    1. Go to west outpost on smp1
    2. Then Head West
    3. You will see a bridge, follow the sign, and it will lead you there.

    Hope someone uses this as advantage!
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  2. I now made some on smp2 as well.
    Go to west outpost on smp2
    Go west to this landscape, you will need to follow signs
    The place u need to go is the little dirt tower thing, you will find sign on it
  3. Better not get griefed! Ill use tht sometime :D
  4. If it gets griefed, ill pm a mod lol, also guys if u accidentally kill one, please try to replace him lol, ill add a small pumpkin farm to each soon.
  5. Got it :D
  6. BTW, smp2 one is a bit better, because its location was kinda better lol.
  7. ALSO: I will be doing one of these for all the smps but smp3.