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  1. He ya'll my name is obiously posted on the left side of this post :p. In SMP1 I have a showroom. every week I will put something new in this show room so that people can enjoy it and see how it's made. sometimes I will put a crafting recipe like how to make a piston. other times I will show you how to make basic redstone creations ETC. I will take requests but please nothing to big. the show room is like a 5*5*3 room. so nothing to big and fancy plz.
    Just drop by 2001 and use the show room telepad to see what I am "showing off for the week"

    Currently showing: How to make a piston
    Note: This is in the crafting table. a lot of people ask me how to make this so hopefully this will help

    Last week: TARDIS Teleporter
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  2. Wow only 100r to make a Tardis?!?? I've spent over 100k on mine...I'll drop by when I get a chance to check out this Tardis ;P
  3. lol it's very simple.
  4. How about you made 509 a Iron Tardas in 30 min?
  5. nfell2009 Residence Review:

    The res is unlike others in the fact that its only 2 blocks high making rooms and more feel small. The res although giving this brilliant idea doesn't use enough build materials and with the spawn area being the room out of dirt and most of the floor of the other rooms. The TARDIS is just a Mob/Player trap commonly used to trap noobs in protected land with no teleport way out.

    The show room is a nice looking room with a mushroom wall showing that its a costy room to make due to it only being able to collect via a Silk Touch Pickaxe

    Res Score:


    Notes to improve:

    Adding a correct flooring and increasing room height.

    YouTube episode coming soon!
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  6. it's really kinda like a telphone booth, when you step in it it just teleports you to the location.
  7. What is a TARDIS?
    EDIT: Thanks nfell
  8. nfell a new flooring of what, the show room or the the spawn room?
  9. All rooms with dirt/grass, such as wool patterns or just planks! Otherwise it would look nice :p
  10. Penquin look it up
  11. also nfell. did you want me to increase the spawn room hight? or both?
  12. Jean plz re-read the first post
  13. You can use the edit buttin:)
  14. yes I can. but then it doesnt alert ppl
  15. People will notice if a short message gets longer. Also, use the reply button. If they get an alert saying you quoted them, they are more likely to return.
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  16. You missed it...
  17. The normal rooms height, your showroom is fine

    How is my grammar now??
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  18. ^^^Much better!